Tiffany & Daniel

Tiffany and Daniel held a beautiful, sunshine-filled wedding in January. The theme was light and happy – the colour yellow was everywhere, with daisies and other flowery touches to make everything shine! They are a very cute couple – even though I only met them a month or so before the wedding, I really enjoyed spending time with them and their bridal party. The ceremony was held at Prospect Estate and the reception at Sfera’s, in the Sunset Room.

Tiffany was just beautiful, and chose a stunning dress and matching mantilla veil, blue shoes and antique locket necklace. When the time came for photos, Tiffany was fearless – I call her “spiderbride” because she was determined to climb bridges and fig trees to get some fun shots after the ceremony.

We can’t forget to mention that Daniel is a Star Wars fan – it was my first time seeing a Storm Trooper guard of honour at a reception!

Tiffany and Daniel – thanks so much for having me at your wedding – it was a wonderful day!

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