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Investment in your wedding photography begins at $2200.

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Here are a few questions that people ask most often…
But if you have another one – just let me know!

Love is love, and I’m honoured to photograph marriages and celebrations between consenting adults who love each other, no matter their gender expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation. I commit to ongoing learning about how to support the LGBTQ+ community through my work and my everyday actions.

My pronouns are she/her, and I welcome you – if you identify as LGBTQ+, or even if you don’t – to share your pronouns with me, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Of course! If your wedding is within 120km of the Adelaide CBD, there are no travel fees. This means that McLaren Vale weddings, Barossa Valley weddings, Adelaide Hills weddings and Clare Valley weddings are all covered.

Locations beyond the 120km zone may involve additional fuel and/or accommodation fees – but this is something we’ll chat about in detail.

Interstate & International Weddings

During the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings outside South Australia will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

First, we’ll catch up over Zoom to chat and find out if we’re a great fit for each other! You can ask me all the questions you have about photography. After telling me more about your day, I’ll help map out a rough timeline of how your day might flow, and what sort of coverage you might need.

If you decide to go ahead and lock in your date with me, we’ll keep in touch in the lead-up to the wedding. I’ll guide you through the process of scheduling your day. I’ll also guide you through the process of developing a family photo list, which allows us to streamline the process and keep it super efficient and stress-free!

I’ve photographed most of my weddings solo – but if you’re super keen (or if your wedding schedule/location might benefit from a second photographer), we can arrange that! Let’s chat about your plans, and figure out if having a second photographer is the right fit for you.

I’ve developed a detailed COVID-19 policy to help navigate the tricky stuff and make sure we both stay safe – but fingers crossed we won’t need to use it!

I’m double vaccinated. I use masks when needed, as well as hand sanitiser. I’ll also comply with any State or Federal Government directives that govern how I do my job – for example, social distancing requirements.

For couples whose weddings are impacted by COVID-19 (e.g. lockdowns, restrictions, border closures or venue closures), I’ll hold all monies paid, in credit, for up to three years. This allows them plenty of time to reschedule their wedding if necessary.

Mostly no – with a tiny bit of yes!

YES – A list of family photos and formal groups to be photographed. This is very important – you don’t want to be making these up on the day, trust me! I’ll guide you through this process with tips and templates to make it as easy as possible.

YES – A list of anything very personal and specific that you’d like photographed. For example, you might like your grandmother’s wedding ring featured in a photo with your wedding bouquet, or a photo of you sitting in the backyard swing that your Dad built when you were five. These kinds of details are very personal and context-specific, and it’s a good idea to put them on a list so we can make sure they’re covered.

NO – A list of all the different angles and moments you want captured on the day. I focus on what’s happening organically around me, moment to moment (within a framework of capturing the key details and moments of the day). So no, you don’t need to give me a list that says things like “Photo of bride and groom from the waist up, exchanging rings”! Shot lists like this will just get in the way of capturing the good stuff!

My turnaround time for image collections is 4-6 weeks from the wedding day (note that the Christmas/New Year period may extend this time by an additional 2 weeks). Extra or custom products (e.g. albums) are created and ordered outside of this timing window. The turnaround time for custom products also depends on how quickly couples review and approve their designs!

LAfter we’ve had our initial chat over Zoom, I’ll send you an online booking proposal where you can fill out your details and sign your contract. To lock in your date, you’ll just pay a booking fee of $1000 (by EFT, or credit card – processing fee applies) – which is deducted from your final package. And then it’s official!

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