Kimberley & Tristan

How cute a couple are Kimberley and Tristan? Let me count the ways!

They were married on a Tuesday in January (the day before Australia Day, to be exact). It was a humid day but we were lucky enough to be met with a cool change and a breeze after the ceremony as we took photos around the Botanic Gardens.

These two have a perfect harmony together. Both are funny, sweet and yes, just a little bit silly! (But that’s perfectly all right, because their photographer out-sillies them by a mile!) I love watching how they can make each other laugh hysterically with a single look. Their wedding was a total joy from start to finish – so happy, so bright and bubbly.

Apart from our fabulous “blowfish” photos (to help ease a sore jaw from smiling too much in photos, as one of Kimberley and Tristan’s friends suggested before the wedding), one of my favourite wedding moments ever was when Tristan face-planted in the hedge…it was pure gold. (Sorry Tristan – Kimberley thought it was pretty funny too!)

Putting my serious cap on again, it has to be said what a special day it was with these two – Kimberley and Tristan, thank you so much!

A beautiful little hug snatched after the ceremony. Moments like this never fail to take my breath away.

Where would a girl be without Haighs on her wedding day?!

And presenting the “blowfish”…

More blowfishes! Honestly! (I didn’t encourage it…I swear…)

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