Sally & Rohan

Sally and Rohan are a very special couple, and I first had the pleasure of meeting them mid last year. I had been chatting with Rohan for awhile via email – he is an incredibly talented local car photographer, and he had attended a wedding I photographed back in 2010. But that wasn’t the only connection – that wedding came about as a result of a wedding I’d photographed in 2008. Oh, and Rohan’s future sister-in-law had been a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed in 2009, and had already booked me in for her wedding, two months after Rohan’s. Confusing? Well, there are even more connections and coincidence in relation to this wedding!

It was also rather cute to see Ella, the eldest flowergirl, again. Last time I had seen her at a wedding in 2008, she was just a few months old – and now she has a little sister in tow. How time flies…

Over the past several years, Rohan has experienced some enormous health challenges, which have culminated in not being able to eat or drink anything – at all! His challenges have actually only served to make Sally and Rohan’s special relationship even stronger.

Being a car photographer, Rohan made sure this was incorporated into the theme of the day. They love their Adelaide Hills drives, and so the Hahndorf Old Mill became the perfect, cosy setting for their wedding reception.

I have had such a wonderful time getting to know Sally and Rohan, and experiencing and capturing their wedding. I hope you enjoy their story!

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