Michelle & Andy

I loved every minute of Michelle and Andy’s wedding yesterday. They were so much fun to be around; were really funny (case in point: Andy’s spontaneous moment of worshipping his new wife); and even knew what I was talking about when the Achmed ‘Lindsay Lohan’ joke seemed appropriate to something Andy was talking about.

That, and my camera’s cute-o-meter nearly exploded. There was a lot of love and cuddling going on; in fact, their joy of being married, being together and being in love just made them glow, and even made me feel a bit silly and mushy, kind of like the feeling when you’re watching a really gorgeous romance movie.

In all seriousness, yesterday’s wedding was an absolute joy to photograph and to witness. Michelle and Andy are two incredibly wonderful people, and I am certain that their lives and their marriage will be filled with a lot of hugs, love – and plenty of laughter!

P.S. I can’t forget a special thank you to my wonderful, lovely, amazing assistants, Erin and Emma Sharkey, who made the day extra fun!

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