Katrina & Michael

Katrina and Michael’s wedding was the second of four weddings that I photographed last weekend. It was a beautiful day. Katrina and Michael are very relaxed, warm and happy people who were just thrilled to be getting married. I could tell as soon as I met Katrina that the day would be a lot of fun! I wasn’t wrong – the day was full of some really personal touches. I loved getting to know them both, and also loved the opportunity to get to know some of their wonderful family members and guests.

This is going to be one of those multi-part blog posts; there are just too many to put in one post. This first section shows Katrina and Michael getting ready in their respective homes. They (along with their bridal party) had spent the morning together having breakfast, and I could really see how relaxed they all were as a result.

Stay tuned for the subsequent Parts of Katrina and Michael’s wedding – and also for the three other weddings that will be due here shortly!

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