Marissa & Aaron

Marissa and Aaron were married last December. It was a gorgeous day, for every reason – great weather, beautiful setting and amazing people. It was definitely a celebration to remember!

I first met Marissa and Aaron back in June 2010. By the time their December 2011 wedding rolled around, it definitely seemed like more than 18 months! I was really looking forward to their day. Marissa and Aaron are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I loved getting to know them and watching them together. The happiness was written all over their faces, and of course all over the faces of their family and friends. Especially their parents, who were so proud they looked like they might burst!

It was definitely an emotional day – full of joy and celebration, and some tears (mine included!) The speeches were especially moving, as Aaron’s late father was very sadly not a part of the day; I really doubt there was a dry eye anywhere in the marquee, and I had tears pouring down my cheeks. (It still chokes me up just remembering!) But then next moment the marquee was full of laughter again, at one of Aaron’s jokes – and that was the amazing vibe of the day. So much heartfelt emotion and so much happy (occasionally silly!) joy, that it was a whirlwind of lovely-ness.

I’d like to thank Marissa and Aaron’s respective families, and their bridal party, for welcoming me and creating such a memorable day. But I would especially like to thank Marissa and Aaron for inviting me in, for placing their faith in me and for allowing me to witness this moment in their lives. Thank you and congratulations!

Their flowers were just a little bit gorgeous!

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