Marcelle & Simon

Marcelle and Simon were married on a beautiful, albeit slightly chilly and slightly rainy, autumn day at Al Ru Farm. They were there to celebrate not only their own marriage, but the joining together of their lovely family, which includes their very cheeky and rather cute little five-year-old monkey!

Marcelle’s dress was absolutely devine – custom-made so beautifully that I literally gasped when I saw it! All the details of the day were pieced together so beautifully, and it was made more perfect by the setting and the season (autumn weddings are my favourite kind!)

Simon and Marcelle are extremely kind, warm-hearted people and it was so lovely getting to know them and their family on the day. Thank you so much for having me!

This is Marcelle’s little niece, the flowergirl…she was the little fairy princess for the day!

And here’s the cheeky monkey himself!

Rain makes nature so beautiful…

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One Comment

  1. To Marcelle and Simon
    The photos are beautiful
    You can treasure forever


    Sue Dewey