Ruby Alice | Birth Story

Today I discovered a kind of photography that has become as special in my eyes as that of a wedding: capturing the birth of a new baby.

I have wanted to capture a birth for some time now, but because I photograph weddings full-time, it hasn’t been a particularly easy nor viable option for me. After all, if Mum goes into labour on somebody’s wedding day, then it means I can’t be there!

I was fortunate however in that my lovely cousins, Renae & Stephen (you may remember them from the photos I captured a couple of days after the birth of their first daughter, Kayla) invited me to be a part of the birth experience of their second child.

Bubs, or Smudge as she was affectionately known during the pregnancy, took her own sweet time to arrive. While Kayla arrived sharply on her due date, Smudge cosied into her little home for ten days past her due date, before being induced this morning. I woke to a 7am message this morning that contractions were coming fast; I arrived at the hospital by 8am, and just one-and-a-half hours later, little miss Ruby Alice made her grand appearance!

As this was the first birth I had ever photographed, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The only thing I could expect was a slightly less rose-tinted view of childbirth than the idyllic romantic movies I’ve watched in the past. But although there is always pain, and discomfort, and physical anguish during labour, I have to say there’s nothing quite as magical (and somewhat surreal!) than witnessing, and capturing, that time leading up to, and during, the baby entering the world.

Renae and Stephen – thank you so much for letting me be a part of this most special day in your lives! I hope you enjoy the photos!

DISCLAIMER: The slideshow below is tasteful and discreet. The crowning is not shown, nor is nudity. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing photographs taken in a hospital or birth setting, please do not proceed to the slideshow. Music will commence as soon as the video begins to play. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

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