Madeleine & Kamen

Madeleine and Kamen’s wedding was my first of 2012…and what a gorgeous day it was! Madeleine and Kamen are wonderful company – especially Kamen, who puts my chatterboxing to shame! – and so relaxed. The most important thing about their day was having fun, creating an amazing celebration and party for their family and friends at Peter Seppelt Grand Cru Estate in Springton.

The skies were a photographer’s delight (soft clouds and overcast) and even with the sudden burst (or should I say, monsoon?) of rain later in the day, it was the perfect day. Much fun and laughter and happiness. Good food (wood oven pizza) inside while the summer rain is pouring outside – now how lovely a picture is that? Madeleine and Kamen weren’t fazed at all by the rain, which epitomises the whole vibe of the day.

A special thank you to the camera-shy (really?) Kamen and Madeleine for having me along – it was a pleasure to photograph your day and to get to know you both! All the best for the very exciting times ahead of you… x

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