Estha & Dean

It was a delight getting to know Estha and Dean, a wonderful pair whose wedding I photographed in January. They are such a fun couple, full of laughter and fun and joy. They have amazing chemistry and an equally amazing group of family and friends around them. They’ve travelled and lived in so many different places (Estha herself is originally from the UK, via the US and now, more permanently in Australia!) and they have one of the best (funniest, yet lovely) engagement stories ever; a comedy of errors set against the red dust and dirt of a motorcycle ride in the deserts of Las Vegas, featuring a very tired and cranky Estha and a ready-to-propose-any-second Dean!

The wedding was incredibly fun, and I’m so happy to have been the photographer and to have had the opportunity to meet Estha and Dean. To E & D – congratulations on your incredible celebration! x

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