Louise & Alex

The night before Louise and Alex’s wedding, I was off in a little bubble watching the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate (sorry, Catherine!), and in love with this beautiful royal wedding unfolding…the tradition and elegance I was witnessing, not to mention the happiness that was all over their faces!

The reason I mention the royal wedding is because Louise and Alex flew out from the UK to be married here on the same weekend. Not only that, but their wedding ceremony was a high Anglican service with much tradition, and their day filled with many little gestures toward Alex’s home and Louise’s adopted home (the union jack cufflinks and the London Cab taxis – yes, I was jealous! – being just a couple of examples). It just felt so fitting to be capturing this beautiful wedding the very day after watching the royal wedding.

Casting aside the royal wedding link, there is so much that I could say about Louise and Alex’s wedding; how joyful, beautiful and elegant it was; how adorable Louise and Alex are together, and how wonderful their family and friends are. It was a wonderful, intimate and personal day, full of laughter and happiness. I had a ball with Louise and Alex (and their bridal party). It was an absolute privilege to capture. The biggest thanks to you both, Louise and Alex, for choosing me as your photographer.

These are the two little monkey ring bearers (Alex’s nephews). Our joke was that they were stalking me all day. They were a lot of fun and seemed to like the camera somewhat!

Louise did floristry classes so that she could make her own bouquets…and she did a pretty amazing job if you ask me!

Alex wanted to jump, so the boys were trying to figure it out…

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