Kym & Keith

I’ve been really excited about Kym & Keith’s wedding, ever since I captured Cindy & Karl’s wedding back in 2009. Kym and Keith are close friends of Cindy and Karl, and as such they did a bit of a bridal party swap – this time around, it was Karl as groomsman for Keith.

Kym and Keith are warm, wonderful, kind people and an absolute joy to be around. Not to mention that Keith is hilarious and cracks me up without even trying!

It was a beautiful overcast day at one of my favourite ceremony venues (Stangate House, in Aldgate), filled with many familiar faces. I truly felt like more of a friend than a photographer and was really thrilled and honoured to be a part of the day!

P.S. Keith’s vows, and then his speech, rank in my top favourites of all time!

Keith was off like a shot after the ceremony, hugging everyone and cheering, “We did it! I’m married!”

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