Laura & Brett

Laura and Brett’s wedding was one made of pure magic, from start to finish. The day began (for me) when I arrived for the ceremony at Stangate House in Aldgate. Not only did we have some beautiful weather on our side, but the guests, the bridal party and of course the bride and groom were just a joy to be around.

While waiting for Laura to ascend the aisle, a quote came to mind (from the Jerry Maguire movie, which I haven’t actually seen – but I know the line too well): “You had me at hello.” In Brett’s case, I think they had him at “Will you please stand for the bridal party.” I’ve never seen a groom so happy and so emotional simply waiting for the bride to arrive, let alone when she actually arrived – he could barely contain himself. It was so wonderful to watch. To the boys out there who feel silly for being emotional – well, most of us girls will love you for it. It just reinforced the fact that watching the groom’s reaction to the first glimpse of his bride is one of the most magical moments in a wedding day, and one I look forward to each and every time.

I had a fabulous time capturing Laura and Brett together – they are so in love I felt like I was cheating. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the reception at the Bridgewater Mill, which was themed with a richly coloured autumn theme complete with paper bird place cards and wine-themed table names.

An enormous thank you to Laura and Brett, whose kindness and joy and friendliness just made my day.

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  1. WOW! These are my fav photos of yours yet Karalee! You are a photographer beyond your years, incredible work!