Emma & Hugh

I’m really struggling to find something to say about Emma and Hugh’s wedding. Mainly because I’ve exhausted all my adjectives and I just don’t know how to do weddings literary justice anymore. But I’ll try. Emma and Hugh were married at Bird in Hand Winery a couple of weekends ago, the weekend where the skies decided to open on us. We were hoping that the rain might have passed through before the ceremony, but alas it poured, and poured, and poured a lot more – so much so that the ceremony had to be moved from the lawns overlooking the vines, to the barrell shed.

“The rain couldn’t dampen their excitement” is the most groan-worthy, cliche turn of phrase, yet it’s all I can think of to describe it. Emma and Hugh barely seemed to notice the rain and simply immersed themselves in the joy of getting married.

Everything about the day was truly personalised – from the paper flowers with lights that Emma and friends hand-made before the day, to the wedding cake (which was expertly made by Hugh’s Mum), to the girls’ makeup – to Emma’s wedding dress. Yes, you heard me right. Emma (who is, as was revealed during the speeches, a bit of a notoriously creative DIY-er) took sewing classes in the months leading up to the wedding and made her entire dress – including all the intricate beadwork and lacework – herself. I didn’t even realise this until after the ceremony, and I think my jaw just about hit the floor. I really thought it was made by a “professional” dressmaker. It was amazing.

The entire experience was so wonderful – everybody, and I mean everybody, were exceptionally lovely and made me feel so comfortable and so welcome. I really felt immersed in the celebrations, almost as a guest and not a photographer, and felt really overjoyed to be there. Emma and Hugh are such warm, kind, down-to-earth people who are very much made for each other.

Thank you for having me there, Emma and Hugh…it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for anything!

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