Katie & Matt

Katie and Matt were married on a beautiful, sunny spring day – we saw a few clouds begin to threaten us with rain, but fortunately they didn’t follow through!

The morning was incredibly relaxing, and I felt so welcomed into the family, enjoying lunch with Katie, her bridesmaid, parents, brother and brother’s girlfriend. They are such a close-knit family and it was just a lot of fun soaking it all in. Katie and Matt have been together for 12 years, so of course their wedding day was an amazing celebration – and I’m guessing a long-awaited one!

Everything was exquisite, and I really felt as though we were immersed in a glamorous Hollywood gala event from the 1940s or 1950s. Everything was just beautiful.

A huge thank you to Katie, Matt and their families for welcoming me and allowing me to share in the celebration – it was a great day!

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  1. I REALLY love this wedding! Plus ur photos of course Karalee but really love the red and glamour, gorgeous!!