Amy & Mark

I really couldn’t wait to photograph Amy & Mark’s wedding – Amy and I have been emailing back and forth since they booked and she really is one of the loveliest people ever!

Their wedding weekend was that horrible wet, stormy weekend in early September – despite our mutual optimism, Amy was presented with her own little array of logistic challenges on the day. That said, she kept on smiling and I really had a fantastic time with them both. The boys looked ridiculously handsome in their tuxes with bowties, and I had a great time with the bridal party out in the vineyard. The girls even brought gumboots and sneakers for a bit of fun!

I was so, so happy to be the photographer for this wedding and feel like I have made such good friends. Thanks so much, Amy and Mark!

P.S. If you need a travel agent for your round-the-world trip, make sure you go to Amy & Mark – they run the company Roundabout Travel. They are wonderful as you will discover!

I think this may be one of my favourite photos of the groom’s reaction to the bride – I could see the tears in his eyes and he was just so, so happy to see Amy walk down that aisle.

I loved these boys. They were absolutely hilarious, without even trying!

The girls were pretty funny too!

I just love Amy & Mark. They are beautiful together.

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  1. wonderfull pics and oh what handsome couple,you and all your bridesmaids and groomsmen look fantastic.

    may your life together always be like the 4th of sept bright, happy, and loving.

    love from patrick and nanna xxx