Julia & Scott

I’m a romantic movie nut from way back. That’s not to say I go weak at the knees for every rom-com that comes to the movies; I turn my nose at some and melt at others. (Think ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Ever After’, ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘Love Actually’…) A good romantic movie makes this girl pretty happy.

So what has this to do with Julia & Scott’s wedding, you might ask?

The thing is, I left Julia & Scott’s wedding, feeling like I had witnessed a movie. Their chemistry, their beautiful connection and relationship, and the magic that weaved itself throughout the day was something very special. There was so much happiness and emotion that it was hard not to feel warm and fuzzy!

I began the day with a beaming Scott and his boys – no nerves, just excitement! – followed by a house literally packed full of friends and relatives at Julia’s place. People were everywhere, and so excited to be there with Julia. And then came the fabulous moment where a little huddle of women spied Julia all dressed as a bride for the first time!

These two are yin and yang; each the missing piece of the other’s puzzle. It was such an emotionally charged and beautiful day, inside and out, and I hope you enjoy their story as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

(Special thanks to the lovely Kelsey, who helped by second shooting during the ceremony. She snapped the beautiful black-and-white pics of Julia being hugged after the ceremony!)

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