Sophie Anne | Birth Story

In April this year, I captured the birth of gorgeous little Sophie Anne. I photographed her parents’ wedding about 18 months prior. I loved being invited back to join Cat and Ant for this very special occasion. Cat and Ant knew they were having a little girl and had already named her Sophie Anne.

It began with a midnight “we’re in hospital!” call, followed by a fair bit of adrenaline and final call at about 7.30am to say that things were a little more officially underway! I raced to the hospital and spent the next eight hours with Cat and Ant.

Sophie’s arrival was not without some fanfare – she was a nine-pound bub, and therefore a little stubborn to coax out! I was unfortunately required to step outside the room while the doctors gave Sophie a bit of a helping hand with some suction . When I returned to the room, Cat and Ant had finally met their beautiful baby girl, and of course have been smitten ever since!

Thank you so much, Cat and Ant, for the pleasure of capturing this beautiful day!

DISCLAIMER: This slideshow is tasteful and discreet, with no crowning or nudity. Music will begin playing when you start the slideshow.

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