Cat & Ant

C is for Cat; C is also for cute. A is for Ant; A is also for awesome. Together, Cat and Ant make up an extremely cute and very awesome couple. And when that couple was married, the awesome meter just about exploded!

Against a backdrop of many family and friends, Cat and Ant celebrated their relationship and their commitment. It was so much fun, right from the beginning of the day through to the end. I felt lucky to be so welcomed into the celebration.

After the ceremony, we all headed to the playground – this was a massive highlight of the day. Though we received a lot of curious stares, it was all worth it – we had a ball. Cat and Ant – thank you for an amazing time!

There’s much more I could write about their day, but I think it’s time to share some photos. Enjoy!

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  1. Guys I just love these, they’re so natural and fun and beautiful. I am just gutted I couldn’t be there to share it with you. xx

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful shots guys, it looks like you had a fantastic day and beautiful weather!!! and a great photographer!!