Sonny William | Birth Story

Today was a very beautiful day. I woke up early, ready to capture a little man’s entrance into the world!

Mel and Mick are close friends of mine, and I was so excited to be present for their little boy’s birth and to capture the memories for them.

After the rollercoaster ride that was the birth of their first-born son, Eden (a birth which resulted in an emergency C-section), this birth was smooth sailing: planned in advance, scheduled, and even running early after being lucky enough to jump the Caesarean queue! Mel and Mick had an amazing team of doctors and nurses on hand to help bring their beautiful boy Sonny William into the world.

And very special was watching big brother Eden see his Mummy and Daddy again, and meeting Sonny for the first time.

It was an incredibly beautiful day today, and I know all the days future are going to be just as beautiful for this amazing family.

P.S. There is music in the slideshow below, so please turn up the volume if you’d like to hear it! Also, don’t worry – the photos are clean and tasteful, with no crowning or nudity. Enjoy!

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