Alice & Peter

A little over eighteen months ago, I photographed Bridget & Leigh’s gorgeous Glen Ewin Estate wedding. I remember it well, because each of the bridesmaids – including twin sisters Kate & Alice – had become engaged in the week or two before Bridget’s wedding!

When Alice got in touch about her autumn 2012 wedding to Pete, I was really excited to be able to see all the girls again. The day was absolutely beautiful – autumn colours were everywhere, the sun was shining, and the ceremony against the backdrop of a gorgeous shady spot in the Botanic Gardens.

I think I saw a little bit of double that day – both Alice and Pete are twins! Their twins were both in the bridal party, and while I could easily tell Alice and Kate apart (not only because of the white dress!) I often had to look twice at Pete and his brother, to make sure I had the right one!

Alice & Peter’s wedding was an absolutely stunning occasion and went perfectly. I was thrilled to capture their day and am very grateful to Alice and Pete for having me!

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