Suzy & Adam

I spent a special day last month at the wedding of Suzy and Adam. It wasn’t just a wedding but a celebration and the joining of a family. Suzy and Adam have two adorable little children, age 3 and 5 months respectively, and they were very much a part of the day – being as cute as can be and enjoying themselves with all their family around them!

The event itself was beautiful – simple, elegant and colourful – but it was the sense of family, celebration and love between Suzy and Adam – and their children – that was most special of all. I absolutely loved being a part of it, and I am so grateful for being invited to capture it!

The flowers were exquisite – created by the talented Sam Burnell of  Fabulous Functions:

One of the cutest flower girls you have ever seen, no?

This little dude was extremely cute and very happy watching the world pass him by before the wedding:

Sarah Wake does a beautiful job of hair and makeup, so it was great to see her again:

This was the bridesmaid’s little boy, and he was rather pleased to spot his Mummy having her make up done!

Confounded suit jacket!

I may not know much about cars (they have four wheels, yes?) but I can tell you that this one was very pretty…

It’s official: any wedding featuring Moon River as an acoustic piece is guaranteed to make me swoon!

A big resounding ‘naw’ for this extreme case of cuteness overload:

Sophie did about six laps back and forth during the ceremony, dancing between the trees…

And then, the inevitable: “Mummy, I need to go to the toilet!”

Oh dear…somebody found the cake!

And time for the flowergirl to make her toast, until…

…she got a little bit shy and decided it was time to wrap it up!

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  1. We agree these photos are very beautiful and capture the essence of a wonderful, happy happy wedding made all the more special by the inclusion of all those spirited children – and the one quiet one- perfect pics!
    But did the shoe fit Jay?

  2. I have tears in my eyes, these photographs are fantastic Karalee, you have captured our day perfectly, thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx