Sunny & Michelle

On a Thursday evening, I was invited to photograph Sunny and Michelle’s commitment ceremony at the Stamford Grand. It was the fourth wedding I booked for the October long weekend, but I was so thrilled to have been a part of it. For this wedding, I think I’m going to have to replicate the story I placed on the teaser post from a couple of weeks ago, as I just can’t find a better way to describe the occasion and experience:

Tonight I witnessed a very intimate, very special and very beautiful celebration between two lovely women who clearly adore each other. The ceremony was charged with emotion and, as you will see, Michelle got a little teary.

They made the decision at 2pm today to get married – and within seven hours, were able to organise a very simple yet meaningful commitment ceremony. I felt very privileged to be there.

So, without further ado:

And this, I have to confess, is probably my favourite of the evening. I’ve done a little extra processing on the image, compared with my usual style.

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