Simmie & Marco

If you’ve ever wanted a definition of the word “joy”, then all you have to do is open up a dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Simmie and Marco.

Joke I might about the dictionary, but the sentiment remains. Simmie and Marco literally burst with joy, love and laughter. So innately happy are they that there is barely a photo from the day not featuring one or both of them grinning from ear to ear! There was nothing but pure excitement for marrying each other’s best friend, and watching that amazing celebration and the love whirling around them all day was incredibly rejuvenating.

Simmie is also my twinnie! We’re both fellow midgets (she’s the same height as me – SNAP!) and we both have the same sized feet (a rare “feat” indeed, seeing as I can fit into kids’ shoes!) and our “mascot” is a frog. Tick, tick, tick. See, it was meant to be, wasn’t it? But really, I’ve found not only wonderful clients but special friends in Simmie and Marco, and for that I’m incredibly blessed!

We were in the hotel all of five minutes, and Marco already had me in stitches.

Suddenly we were inundated with lots of people. With lots of smiles. And it was fun.

Simmie’s smile definitely lights up a room.

See? Simmie even smiles after she’s been evicted from family photos!

Cutest couple ever, yes?

A definite favourite of mine!


This is Before…(to be continued)

This is a traditional Persian “knife dance” to pay tribute to Simmie and her family, who are originally from Persia. The girls learned the dance the night before the wedding by watching You Tube videos. It was pretty amazing!

Mr Marco looks rather pleased with himself…

…And this is After:

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  1. What an adorable couple!! Absolutely stunning pics as usual Karalee, you’ve really captured their personalities in these photos. Love them!

  2. YAY!!!! I have been looking forward to this particular post! Karalee, you have definitely captured Simmie and Marco as they really are, such fun, comical and beautiful people! Such a true essence of their personalities and their love for one another! Love, Love, Love it!!! You superwoman, you! xxxx