Melanie & Andrew

Melanie and Andrew are two of those people you just love to be around – warm, chatty, funny, happy and kind. I remember our exchange of emails in the early days of the booking, while their date was being finalised – I immediately had a sense of hoping that I’d get to work with these people! And when we met, I remember that we chatted for ages and I felt as though I’d known them both for a very long time. Fast forward nearly eighteen months (it seemed to take its own sweet time to roll around!) and I was ready to photograph their day. And I was pretty excited about that!

I knew from our catch-ups that it would be a lovely affair – simple and elegant both aesthetically and in mood, and I wasn’t wrong at all! It was beautiful but also infused with a wonderful sense of joy and celebration. After the ceremony, Melanie and Andrew and I slinked off to the Uni (where these two first laid eyes on each other, so rather fitting for wedding photos), after which we regrouped at the Botanic Hotel, mingling for a short time with the guests along with pre-arranged platters of nibbles. Then it was off to the Botanic Gardens with the whole wonderful, hilarious bridal party who kept me extremely entertained (chasing ducks, anyone?) and finally back to the reception for party tiiiiime!

I could say quite a bit about this wedding day, but I figure it might be time to let the photos do the talking. So, without further ado…

Melanie and Andrew’s gift to their guests at the reception were gorgeous little rosemary plants, hand-grown by the bride and groom in the months leading up to the wedding (and finished with stunning letterpress tags by ‘Love Letterpress’:

First dance…to ‘What I Like About You’ by The Romantics…very cool!

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  1. Once again, fabulous work! I love how you create a sense of movement and “buzz” with the reception photos, clever, clever girl! Your great!