Lena & Daniel

There’s something special about Lena & Daniel…

At their beautiful spring Glen Ewin wedding last weekend, I was quite besotted by the little looks and smiles they gave each other throughout the day. It started with both Lena and Daniel getting ready – together! – in their home and surrounded by family, before enjoying a tea ceremony to celebrate Lena’s family background.

Though I only met them a short time before the wedding, I felt like I had known them for much longer. Lena and I share some interesting similarities – we’re the same height (munchkin-height!) same size feet (tiny!) and have the same engagement ring (well, obviously we don’t share THE same ring…but it’s the exact same design!) Getting to know both Lena and Daniel, and their family and friends during the relaxed canapes and reception, was an absolute joy and the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Thank you so much, Lena and Daniel, for such an amazing time!

I must confess I’m not accustomed to the groom being in the same house as the bride before the wedding, but at the same time it was a lovely change of pace, and I was able to capture a few photos of Daniel “peeking” at his bride as she was having her hair and makeup done!

Just announced as husband and wife…this might be one of my favourites yet!

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