Lauren & Jarryd

It’s incredibly hard to describe Lauren and Jarryd. You have to meet them in person to appreciate their unbelievable cuteness and adorable silliness, their incredible sense of humour, and the way they radiate happiness wherever they go!

Their wedding day was all kinds of wonderful – family and friends surrounding them, an elegant wedding setting at Carrick Hill, and most importantly, a very happy couple exchanging vows underneath the trees. The day was so much fun, and their joy was infectious.

Throughout the morning, Jarryd (getting ready at his parent’s home) kept saying, “I just want to see Lauren!” and Lauren, getting ready at their house, kept saying, “I just want to see J!” They seemed completely in-sync, and I loved watching their anticipation and excitement build throughout the morning. I remember seeing the moment where Lauren, having just stepped into her wedding dress, realised that this was “it”, and suddenly all she could think about was seeing Jarryd waiting for her at the other end of the aisle. So much so, that when the cars arrived, they piled in straight away, because Lauren just couldn’t wait any longer, and arrived at Carrick Hill about 20 minutes early!

And to all those who worry about rain on your wedding day – you really don’t have to! I tell so many of my brides, but I hope these photos will show how incredibly magical rain can look, if you only embrace it…

Lauren and Jarryd, I’m so very thrilled to have been your photographer…thank you so much!

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