Kit & Ben

This blog post is a little belated, thanks to the pre-Christmas rush and of course Christmas itself, but I am very pleased to present photos from Kit & Ben’s lovely wedding, held in mid-December. In fact, their wedding was held on Saturday anniversary of my own wedding the year prior. It was really nice to witness another marriage on the anniversary of my own!

Kit and Ben are very warm, lovely people and just a lot of fun to be around. The ceremony was held at Tusmore Uniting Church, with the reception at the Edinburgh Hotel in Mitcham. It was the first time I had attended a ceremony there – and I loved it!

There was some fantastic moments and really personal touches on the day – there were two ministers, a husband and wife team who were also close friends with the bride and groom; the ‘something blue’ sequinned ballet flats that Kit wore (very sensible, I thought, and just what I would have done if I’d thought of it at my wedding!); the ‘how-well-do-you-know-Kit-and-Ben’ heads-and-tails game that all the guests played after the bride and groom were announced into the reception; the Tree of Awesome at the reception; and the surprise from the boys (you’ll have to wait and see!)

Thanks for having me Ben & Kit – it was a fantastic day.

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