Kirsten & Shannon

Kirsten and Shannon had an amazing wedding day, in Lobethal. This was particularly special because I used to live in Lobethal, and my husband went to primary school at the same place the ceremony was held. I was going to wait a little while before posting these photos, but I felt I just had to anyway. I’ll do a more “thorough” post soon, but at least you can get a sense of how awesome this wedding really was!

I had been looking forward to this wedding for months, ever since meeting Kirsten and Shannon for the first time. They are so warm, full of energy and joy and enthusiasm. They truly wanted to make their wedding day personal, memorable and enjoyable for everybody – and I am positive they exceeded their expectations. I felt so welcomed that I nearly forgot I was there as a professional, feeling more like a friend who has known them for years.

The ceremony was beautiful and tear-jerking – really. I nearly started choking up, and it took all my self-restraint to hold it back!

We then travelled down the main street of Lobethal and found an old stone cottage that seemed perfect for the vintage feel that had infused the celebrations. We then travelled down to the Lobethal Markets, where the owners were just closing up – in order to set up a dinner to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. They welcomed the bridal party in, and invited us to use the markets as much as we wanted for photos. How amazing is that?

Kirsten and Shannon’s wedding day was wonderful and a pure joy to be a part of!

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