Kelly & Alexei

Kelly and Wex were married last year, in September. The day was gorgeous. They were married in their backyard, which they’d adorned with cherry blossoms. It was all incredibly personal and intimate.

Kelly was a very special bride. She still remains a great friend. From the outset, she welcomed me so warmly and placed complete trust in me photographically at her wedding.

I was quite unwell the day of the wedding; I was suffering from a horrible bug that had flattened me the week earlier, to the point where I’d been away sick from my full-time job for the week. But Kelly and Alexei’s wedding proved to be the cure – apart from my raspy voice and inability to speak quite loud enough for the family photos, I felt much better by the end of the day, and felt so lucky to have been there to enjoy their beautiful wedding.

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  1. Reminiscing…
    Karalee, you are an absolute gem <3
    The photos are all amazing and I'm always speechless (in an overwhelmed way) when i look at them (which is often, hehe). I(we) love love love them.
    Thanks again.
    Much love. xxx.