Kathy & Peter

I had the pleasure of photographing Kathy & Peter’s wedding recently. It was a completely fabulous day. Peter and the boys looked pretty fantastic and the girls were gorgeous. It was a really relaxed day bursting with personality. The location (Bridgewater Mill) was perfect, especially against the backdrop of autumn colours.

There were some brilliant moments on the day (you’ll have to keep reading to find out!) Kathy & Peter’s celebration was very special and I had such a great time milling around, watching the guests and how close-knit everybody was. Kathy and Peter’s priority (aside, of course, from actually getting married!) was for their family and friends to have an incredible time – and that was undoubtedly successful!

A huge thank you to Kathy and Peter and your wonderful bridal party for a great experience. Happy honeymooning!

For the next photo, you might be wondering: why the crazy laughter? Well, there was an absolutely priceless story to be told here. Just after the ceremony started on the lawns of the Mill, an older couple came power-walking along the lawn – through the guests! – walking their dog, complete with parkas, beanies, etc. Next minute, the gentleman slips and lands flat on his back on the wet grass. That in itself is a shame (it’s definitely not fun for anybody to be hurt) BUT, after some rather astonished guests helped pull him up, the woman turned to the guests and said, in a very disgruntled voice, “This is a PUBLIC walkway!” Well, as you can imagine, everybody was in stitches. I had hesitated about taking a photo (I had visions of this lady hurling my camera into the creek!) so unfortunately I have no pictorial evidence. But you can take my word for it!

The incident even made its way into the speeches, “This is a public walkway? Well, it’s a private wedding!”

Funny times.

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