Katarzyna & Simon

I loved everything about Katarzyna and Simon’s wedding. Simon is a true gentleman, friendly and down-to-earth. He very clearly adores Katarzyna, who in turn adores him. Everything about the day seemed to spill over with warmth and quiet passion.

The ceremony was held at The Monastery (on the corner of Glen Osmond Road and Portrush Road). I watched Simon’s face as Katarzyna came down the aisle; I actually saw him say the words, “Oh, wow!” They were so happy to be there and to be marrying each other, it gave me goosebumps.

At the reception, which was hosted at Festival Function Centre, Simon surprised Katarzyna with a song he had written especially for her; they waltzed to it as he mouthed the words. (Predictably, I had tears running down my cheeks).

I loved the day and would do it all again in an instant.

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