Jess & Stuart

Where do I start with Jess and Stuart? They are one of the quirkiest, funniest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. They have such a unique energy and perfect harmony – truly a case of yin meets yang.

They were married at Cummins House, and our gorgeous Jess was a little bit nervous in the lead-up but still had me in stitches while she got ready with her wonderful family. Jess designed her dress, and her lovely Nonna made it for her. Jess’ “something old” was an antique spoon from the family that she tucked into the ribbon wrapped around her bouquet of calla lilies. I loved all these personal touches – the boys even lined the outdoor aisle with rose petals in the lead-up to the ceremony. One of my favourite features of the day was the music – Jess walked down the aisle to “My Best Friend” by Queen, played on the ukelele. It suited them PERFECTLY, because you really can tell that they are just that.

And maybe I lied – my absolute favourite detail about the day was their “cake” – a chocolate shell homemade by Jess and filled with M&M’s. Just as the guests were bracing themselves for a traditional cake-cutting, out came the plastic kiddy’s hammer (perfect again because Jess works with little kids) to smash it to pieces! Yes, this photographer had to restrain herself from diving into the M&M’s in the aftermath!

So, after much digression and without further ado, I present to you my favourite photos from Jess and Stuart’s fabulous day:

Okay, I officially want a cat just like this one…

There’s a good story here. Jess was very determined that there would be no cheesy shots of the boys – an example being “walking down the street with jackets over their shoulders.” (These aren’t in my standard set of shots anyway, just as a note). BUT because our lovely gentlemen were wrestling with their ties for some time, Stuart decided to go cheeky on Jess and therefore…

Jess hot-glue-gunned these dressing gowns herself…how clever is she?

Loved the detailing on her dress – isn’t it perfect?

Nonna…loved her!

“And now ladies and gentlemen for a few housekeeping rules…” Out come the flight attendants, to show us all the exits – GOLD!

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  1. Oh I ADORE this wedding, you can really tell how fun it was and how happy all involved were, so many details I love as well, what a beautiful bride and handsome groom.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Not sure how many times I can type the words “Love and Fantastic” on your blog Karalee. This could be my most favourite wedding of your yet my love!