Jane & Kristian

Where on earth do I start with Jane & Kristian? They are lovely, warm people; fun, funky and a little bit silly (this is always ideal because I am at least a little bit silly too – if not, a lot silly!); and ridiculously cute. They are both gorgeous, inside and out, and I was treated to an incredibly fun, laughter-filled day with them and their equally lovely bridal party.

Can anybody say…robots? And Kel-and-Kim-kiss? If so, please proceed:

I think Jane just out-gifted herself…

Giggles were bouncing off the walls in Jane’s hotel room…

Inspired by Lora & Sam’s Kel-and-Kim moment last year..

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  1. Hannah’s mum in London:
    Christian–we were thrilled to meet you when you came over to London and enjoyed our garden and English beer! (chilled, not warm). I am delighted to see you and your bride looking so happy–you obviously had the most wonderful day! Bring her over to London for a holiday. God bless you both with happiness and joy!
    Angela & Frank Liddell <

  2. As MOB I can honestly say what a beautiful bride. We all had a wonderful time and I knew by watching you these photos would be great.

  3. Karalee, I LOVE them!!!! I was sitting here are work and I actually made my boss stop talking to me so I could check them out and he loves them as well!!!

    You have just confirmed why we chose you as our photographer! You are a little legend!

    Cant wait to see the rest.

    Mrs G

  4. Great pictures! You really captured the mood of the day. We had such fun, didn’t we. Thanks for all your hard work – Matron of Honour for J&K