Janaki & Rohan

Well, Janaki and Rohan’s wedding was a day to remember!

Anyone who knows me well will know how obsessed I am with the 1930s and 1940s. (As a case in point, my last birthday party was 1940’s themed). So when I arrived at the breathtaking Jacob’s Creek Retreat on Saturday, to photograph Janaki, and discovered that her wedding was inspired by this very era – well, you can imagine I was pretty excited!

But it wasn’t just the inspiration for the wedding I loved, but the personalities and the uniqueness of the celebration. Everything was so personal to their tastes and had a hand-crafted, made-with-love feel. Janaki and Rohan, as I discovered during the speeches, are lovers of fine things – good wine, gourmet food and they both love to cook. They have a herb garden and raise chooks in their backyard. So, together, they made their wedding cake (finished with iced flowers made by Janaki’s grandmother). The invitations and menus were hand-stitched by Janaki’s grandmother, then scanned and finished in Photoshop by Janaki.

Spending time with Janaki and Rohan was a lot of fun. We only had about 15-20 minutes scheduled in for portraits of the two of them, but we had heaps of fun in that time. They knew what kind of feel they were after in their photos – something funky, a little bit edgy – and had such trust in, and enthusiasm for, my ideas and approach.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that they enjoyed a “First Look” before the ceremony. Rohan came to visit Janaki for some portraits beforehand, given our lack of time. It was really fun!

Despite only meeting them a few weeks before the wedding, I felt as though I had known them for years and had a wonderful time sharing in their wedding day, and capturing it for them. Thank you so much, Janaki and Rohan, for everything!

And this is one of my favourites from the day…

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  1. this wedding looks like an absolute fairytale…
    the entire vibe and feel of the wedding has been captured in the photo’s and it feels like you were almost there sharing the day.
    amazing! x

  2. WOW! What a stunning bride, those photos are AMAZING! This album has made me so excited for our big day…3 weeks to go Karalee!!! Can’t wait x

  3. Yet again, you have blown me away.
    Its rare i have so few words, but i think “WOW” is the only one i can come up with right now.
    You are truly a magician my freind xx

  4. Stunning. Just stunning. Your talent and eye never cease to amaze me Karalee, you are ridiculously talented.

  5. The photos are awesome Karalee! Love your creative spirit and the emotion you’ve captured. I’ve gotta have you do my daughter’s wedding (she’s 16 and hasn’t got a boyfriend currently, so it may be a while!). Love your work.