Jade & Simon

Every time I sit down to write a blog post about a wedding I’ve photographed, I’m reminded that there are so few adjectives available after nearly five years of photographing weddings. I often wonder if people will think I’m not creative enough to find new ones – but the trouble is, each and every wedding and couple is special to me in so many different ways. Each wedding has its own ebb and flow, its own myriad of nuances, its own story. And with each wedding story comes the difficulty of putting into words what each one means to me, both as a photographer and a person!

So it is with this in mind that I try to describe Jade and Simon’s wedding day. Perhaps the best place to start is 2010, when I first heard from Jade via email. She and Simon were living in London at the time, and wanted to organise a meeting by Skype to talk about their day. At the time, I felt a little mean, because I didn’t have a webcam and so they could only hear me – but I could see them! I remember thinking what a truly lovely couple they were (and how I hoped, with fingers crossed under the desk that they couldn’t see, that they would book me for their wedding!)

Luckily for me they did, and we enjoyed two in-person catch-ups in Adelaide after they moved home. I loved mine and Jade’s very long and emphatic discussions about our mutual obsessions – primarily, Pepsi Max (I think we could very likely be kindred spirits?) and talking about not only their wedding, but the UK and their adventures.

I knew their day would be special, but quite how special – I couldn’t have imagined! The amazing bond these two share almost literally charged the air; every moment was heightened and special and beautiful. It felt like I was witnessing pure magic.

It was also Simon’s 30th birthday, and as you’ll see, his birthday was definitely not forgotten. It makes me smile to remember how many times he exclaimed with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen, “This is the best day of my life!” and “The best birthday ever!”

Jade and Simon, a thousand thank-you’s for finding me and then choosing me – it has been the most wonderful honour to capture your wedding story! Much love x

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  1. Wow Karalee, so much emotion captured, made me smile, a lot! And shed a tear too, at just how in love they are! What a stunning couple, beautiful job, as always! xx