Genevieve & Daniel

Gen & Dan, and their families, are beautiful, wonderful people and it was such a pleasure being there on their wedding day.

Gen looked sensational, as did her two sisters who were bridesmaids, and it was such a special celebration. I was so thankful to be there and to feel so welcomed! Thank you, Gen and Dan!

Here are some of my favourite photos of Gen & Dan’s beautiful day:

This is when the boys realised the security tags were still on the suit trousers – all kinds of removal tactics followed, including coat hanger wrangling, rock bashing, etc.

Then finally, Gen’s Dad had the answer: an industrial-looking set of pliers.


Also, thank you to my lovely friend Amy, who assisted me and Heidi, my lovely photographer friend and good friend of the bride’s family, who accompanied me. Even if she did take sneaky photos of this classy photographer covered in grass clippings, and scare me half to death with cries of “Snaaaake!” while I was merrily jumping through the grass taking photos…Don’t worry, love ya Heidi xx

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  1. OMG Karalee you are AMAZING!!! Just gorgeous!

    You captured the wedding just perfectly, they where so happy and you get that from all the images. Girl LOVE your work!!!