Emily & Mat

I absolutely loved Emily and Mat’s wedding, which was held in late November last year.

Emily and Mat are both special people. Mat is Canadian and moved here to be with Emily after their overseas romance grew serious. Their story, relayed during the speeches, was so lovely. Emily is a gorgeous person, inside and out. She was just beaming all day. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think I only had one photo out of many in which she wasn’t smiling from ear to ear!

The ceremony was held at the Flinders Street Baptist Church, with a really elegant reception held at The Ballroom, in Hindmarsh. Emily told me that day that they’d never been guests at a wedding before, so when they were planning, they weren’t exactly sure how things were supposed to work – I think they did a fabulous job of planning a very personal, elegant yet laid-back wedding full of great touches, including an ice-sculpture of a hockey player as a tribute to Mat’s Canadian-ness.

I was there til midnight and had an absolute ball.

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