Elissa & Brad

I spent a wonderful day with Elissa and Brad. Their celebration was full of a lot of heart, soul and fun. Every aspect was tailored to their close-knit family dynamic. Their speeches were especially beautiful to witness and I felt like I had been granted access to a truly intimate slice of their lives.

Both Elissa and Brad are lovely, kind people with a gentle but fun chemistry which I adored witnessing and capturing. Brad adores Elissa (and vice versa!) and I still beam whenever I remember his jaw dropping open at the sight of Elissa walking down the aisle toward him as he exclaimed, “Oh my God!” Moments like that are magic.

Brad and Elissa, thank you so very much for allowing me to share such a special time with you both!

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  1. We were privileged to attend this beautiful wedding. Brad & Elissa are “meant to be”. These photos are more than just pictures, they relive the event. We loved the day, and love the photos!