Cindy & Karl

Cindy and Karl’s wedding was truly amazing. I had an absolute ball all day. Here’s why:

1. The boys were hilarious and loads of fun. (Steve, sorry about the dumpster joke…but I had to even out the score ;D)
2. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Warm and balmy, neither hot nor cold; overcast and…well…perfect.
3. Straight away, I felt at ease. Cindy and Karls’ families were so warm and welcoming and I felt like I slotted right in.
4. Cindy and Karl have been together for 18 years. My jaw dropped when I heard this during the ceremony. Amazing stuff.
5. The ceremony. I got pretty teary.
6. The cake. Cindy and Karl chose to cut the cake straight after the ceremony, in the garden, and had their bridesmaids cut it up and serve it out to guests while they all enjoyed champagne and mingled. How great an idea is that?!
7. Cindy and Karl placed heaps of faith in me, my approach and my style. We had a relaxed, meander-y afternoon with a lot of spontaneity and creativity resulting. It was fun.
8. I had the opportunity to stay at the reception as a guest afterwards, and enjoyed the yummy food and got chatting to some lovely people.
9. The ceremony was held in the breathtaking Stangate House gardens in Aldgate. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, you must take a look at this place!
10. Everything was just wonderful.

Now, for some photos:

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