Brooke & Michael

Brooke and Michael were married on that day in April – ANZAC Day, the day on which the skies opened and poured fiercely right across Adelaide, drenching anything and everything in its path. I admit I was a little bit nervous as I pulled up outside Brooke’s home (opposite the beach, no less) watching the waves lashing crazily on the ocean – after all, they were due to have an outdoor ceremony in Mt Lofty, and as we all know, the cold and the rain is always much more intense in the Hills!

Perhaps my favourite thing about this wedding, however, was that neither Brooke nor Michael were particularly concerned about the weather. Or at least, if they were – they barely showed it. Brooke greeted me happily, beaming and excited about the day. Nothing seemed to matter except for the fact that they were going to be married – that was the important part.

All the guests huddled in together underneath the makeshift gazebo in the gardens, making the ceremony very intimate and special. The skies cleared a little after the ceremony, and all that remained was (much more manageable!) chilly air. The experience was definitely worth my soaked-through shoes and numb fingers – it was a perfect wedding, and the bride and groom’s happiness made it all the more enjoyable.

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