Brodie & Richard

Brodie and Richard were married last weekend at the beautiful Olivers Homestead in McLaren Vale. I don’t shoot a huge number of weddings down south, and I’ve never been to Olivers before, so it was a great surprise! The day was an absolute scorcher (though I suppose the past week has been like that!) but beautiful.

I met Brodie and Richard last year, after receiving a referral from a friend whose wedding I was booked in to photograph. I’d seen Brodie and Richard at the friend’s wedding already, and it was lovely to see the friends again, now guests of Brodie and Richard’s.

It was a quiet, low-key, intimate and elegant day; no bridal party, just two people who are very much in love (wait til you see the photos to come in further parts!) celebrating in a very personalised way. I loved it.

The following photos feature Brodie as she was getting ready with her Mum and sister in the bedroom (I think it was formerly the drawing room) of the homestead. The first wedding ever held at Olivers was (if I remember correctly) held in that same room, 132 years ago. I thought it was a lovely piece of history!

So, without further ado:

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