Aphrodite & Nontas

A few weekends ago I photographed Aphrodite & Nontas’ wedding. Everything was so beautiful – the bridesmaids had floaty soft pink dresses, and Aphrodite’s ethereal dress suited her so perfectly that I could not have imagined how any other style would look better! (I also scored a legendary 5/5 – I always play a guessing game about the style of the bride’s dress, her hair, whether she’ll wear a veil, the flowers and the colour of the bridesmaid dresses – I got them all right, and I was so proud!)

It was my first Greek Orthodox wedding and I absolutely loved it – I walked into the Church and my mouth fell open at the amazing interior. I was, quite literally, blown away – I even made a few funny little squeaking noises. I met some lovely people, including a lady who had just celebrated her 100th birthday and who spoke only Greek; a bilingual gentleman from the Church helped translate a conversation with her and even taught me a little bit of Greek! It was fascinating and a lot of fun to witness a different approach to wedding ceremonies, and of course to capture it!

Myself and the lovely Allison Hernach, who joined me for the day, headed down to Port Adelaide after the ceremony for some photos in amongst the warehouses. We even stumbled across a blue shiny hot-rod (I’m not a car girl, so apart from hot-rod, blue and shiny is the best description!) – the owners and the photographer of the car even let us take a few photos!

We finished with a reception at Donato’s at Kilkenny – and I became absolutely besotted by the live band playing Greek music – and the dancing! I remember learning some Greek dancing in primary school and a couple of times I had to remind myself I was there to photograph it, not join in! It was such a great celebration to photograph – thank you to Aphrodite and Nontas for having us!

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  1. oh karalee, how is it possible that you just keep getting better and better? i echo the above comment, the two girls are just gorgeous. x