Analise & Ashley

I knew Analise and her family from high school, so I was really happy when I received an email one day, asking if I was available for Analise’s Easter wedding. The ceremony and reception were to be held on Analise’s parents’ sprawling Adelaide Hills property, and late last year they were busy getting the grounds and gardens perfect for the big day.

Analise and Ashley are young but it was so nice to see a young couple being married (I was about the same age when I was married about eighteen months ago). It’s not difficult to see how much they adore each other. The day offered us perfect autumn weather and colours, and everything had a really relaxed feel to it.

A few great touches for the day:

  • Analise’s family own a very successful welding design business called Farmweld, where they design and create all kinds of gates, gazebos and other unique features for farms and shops alike. The beautiful wrought iron gazebo you see in the photos (under which Analise and Ashley were married) was created especially by her father.
  • Analise’s Mum did all the girls’ makeup, and they all visited an Adelaide Hills flower grower to choose their flowers and put the bouquets together. The colours and the foliage were absolutely gorgeous.
  • Lenny, a presenter on Life FM, was a close family friend and also their MC. I didn’t realise who he “was” until later in the day, but he had me (and I think most of the guests) in stitches. I’ve decided I’ll be hiring him as my assistant, not only is he tall and loud and charismatic, but he also had a microphone!
  • We took a ride on the ute trailer down to the far reaches of their property…and on the way the trailer came apart from the truck! We all jumped off and there was a moment or two of confusion while it was all sorted out!
  • The lunchtime reception was held in a marquee near the newly landscaped garden, and was catered by an amazing Mediterranean barbecue catering company called BabaQ – “tailored Mediterranean BBQ and Catering for festivals, parties, fiestas and other events. Informal or formal. Live charcoal flaming.” (I had to give them a special plug because I was lucky enough to try their food and it was just a little bit of yum!)
  • Ashley’s Dad is a chef – apparently, his kids are lucky enough to enjoy restaurant-class meals every night! He made the delicious wedding cake. I don’t want to risk describing it wrongly, so I will let the photo speak for itself – it was a blackforest cake with a gluten-free mud on the top layer. And it was all surrounded by Easter eggs.
  • We also had a little chocolate Easter bunny pop in for some photos. How cute!

Right, I will finish this essay here and let you have a look at some photos from the day:

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