Kat & Amy | Trash the Dress

Well, I’m finally here! I hope you enjoy the photos from Kat & Amy’s no-boys-allowed, ridiculously fun Trash the Dress session. We had a brilliant afternoon – lots of fun, Sahara-like beach winds, gorgeous afternoon light and a LOT of pretty accessories. Kat and Amy are naturals (and just plain gorgeous!) Here are some of my favourites:

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  1. These Photos are amazing!! What a great idea to do with your best friend is trash your dresses together!! i can honestly say that me and my best friend are definatly doing this after her wedding in August!! These photos are fantastic. you should be very proud of them. what a great idea!

  2. I love these photos…they are amazing, the girls look gorgeous & all credit to them for having the guts to ‘trash’ their dresses!! I pretty sure i want to do it after my wedding day now!