Sally & Rohan | Engagement


I’m very much looking forward to Sally and Rohan’s wedding in April. There are so many past-couple connections with Sally and Rohan that it’s quite amazing, so it’ll be great to see a lot of familiar faces again!

Back in November, we ventured out to Camelot Castle for an engagement shoot around twilight. It was a beautiful setting and perfect for Sally and Rohan, who envisioned something a little bit Rivendell for their photos! Rohan is a photographer, so poor Sally had to endure a bit of technical chatter-boxing about lenses. I had a lot of fun capturing their very beautiful connection. You can just see how much they mean to one another – they just glow with happiness!

Thanks for the lovely time at your shoot, Sally and Rohan, and see you in April!

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  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful series of photos, the moments and emotions captured are perfect…and Sally looks stunning. Very glad we chose you to photograph our wedding!

  2. You are so wonderful and amazing!!!!! I am just so excited that you are going to be with us on our special day!!!!