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You might possibly remember the gorgeous wedding of Jenni & Brian in March last year. Jenni is my husband’s cousin and together she and Brian make the most amazing couple. This week we took a short break and made the 4(ish) hour drive to a small town out of Loxton, where they live on a farm.

Hannah, their first little baby, was born in June and though we had planned to visit earlier, we didn’t quite get the chance! So it was really exciting to make the trip this time and spend some quality time with them all. We took a tour of the family farm – complete with the piggery (lots of cute little Wilburs running around!) and of course had lots of cuddles with our newest cousin.

Now, a few of things to know about me: (a) I don’t often shoot portraits, primarily because I focus on weddings and rarely find the time for non-wedding shoots! (b) I rarely shoot ‘personal’ projects, for the same reason specified in point (a). And (c) I’m not much of a sepia girl – not sure why, it’s just something I don’t find myself leaning toward. Oh, and (d) I’m not a farm-y girl at all, so of course I ran and hid when they were about to sort out a sheep for dinner that weekend!

But for this shoot, I was really happy to combine all four of the above! It was a little bit wet and just a little bit cold, so little Hannah was rugged up with Dad (so cute!) and we ducked into the shed (I was about to say shearing shed, then realised that being a city girl, I probably have that all wrong!) for these photos, along with “puppy” Mousha (who happens to be about as tall as me!)

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them for Jenni and Brian!

And on the way home, we had to stop and take some shots along a completely deserted road, complete with yummy moody clouds…here’s my favourite!

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