Parker Hugh | Birth Story

A very special little person was born last week. His name is Parker Hugh.

Sarah is a lovely friend of mine, and it was a special honour to be entrusted to capture the birth of hers and her husband Jordan’s first baby, a little boy.

My whole approach to, and passion for, photography is intertwined with telling stories and capturing emotions, and so photographing a birth is something that brings my passion for people and photography to life. Witnessing the power of this one event in a couple’s life is incredibly surreal and amazingly special.

I’ve put together a slideshow (below) with music to tell Sarah, Jordan and Parker’s story.

DISCLAIMER: The slideshow is tasteful and discreet. It does not show the crowning or nudity. If you are uncomfortable with imagery depicting a hospital setting or aspects of birth, then please do not proceed to the slideshow. Music will begin playing when you start the slideshow.

My biggest thanks and congratulations to Sarah and Jordan, and much love to the three of you. What an amazing family you are.

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  1. Karalee. I must say in my 4 years experience as a midwife I have never had a professional photographer at any labour and birthing experiences I have been involved with.
    These photo’s are amazing. The way you have put them together to tell a story with the music bought tears to my eyes!
    This is why I am a midwife. You have captured those precious moments in a way that will last forever! I would recommend you to anyone.
    Sarah & Jordan. I recieved your wonderful card. I have the biggest smile on my face every time I read this. My profession is very rewarding and you both have made it even more so. Thank you very much for your kind words. You are both two very special and deserving people and now parents. Congratulations again on the birth of Parker. Your photo’s are beautiful and Parker is so angelic XOXOX

  2. So, I am still bawling my eyes out! That was just so beautiful. I am so proud of you Sarah, and Jordy words will never describe how I felt looking at you in those photos. Thank you both for sharing something so truly beautiful. You will both be wonderful parents, no doubt about that!

  3. Karalee

    You are amazing, what you have captured has given me an opportunity to share the most precious moments of my little girls life, as well as the arrival of my new grandson

    The photos truly capture the amazing wonder of the arrival of
    a new life and all of the emotions it takes to get you to those final last moments of true wonder, which is just the beginning of a whole new chapter in all of our lives.

    thank you for seeing the world for all the wonders that it holds

    Joy (Sarahs Mum and Parkers Nanna_)

  4. This is amazing! You capture so many glorious moments. This is a memory that sarah, jordon & Parker will have for life. I can imagine Parker, will love looking back on these and seeing his parents reactions, will make him feel very loved.
    well done.

  5. Oh my god those photos are just magic! The way you capture love and life is just so heart warming and beautiful – such precious memories! Brought a tear to my eye, you both look so so happy.

    Love you’re work karalee


  6. Karalee…
    Thankyou so very much. It’s incredible how many emotions can be captured in such a short period of time. Laughter, pain, joy, elation… You captured it all.
    You really see the world as a beautiful place & we can’t thank you enough for seeing & capturing probably the most beautiful moment of our lives.
    We are so so glad you were there.
    You are wonderful…
    Lots of love & our most heartfelt thanks
    Sarah, Jordan & Parker xo